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Monday, May 08, 2000

dot comedy?

I got a fascinating (but possibly practical joke-type) message yesterday:

*** *** ***

Dear Jeffrey,

My name is Ben and I work as a Researcher for a television company in the UK. The show goes out on Channel 4 and is all about the Internet. I've been looking at your site which I think is brilliant and would love to talk to you about the possibility of you coming on to our show to talk about yourself and your web-site.

If you think this is something that might interest you please get in touch so we could discuss this further.

We pre-record the show this Wednesday the 10th May, and would be able to fly you over, put you up in a hotel and fly you back.

Even if you think this is something that doesn't interestyou, I would be really grateful if you could mail me, letting me know that you got this message.

I hope this all makes sense, and fingers crossed I'll speak to you soon.

All the best,

*** *** ***

So I wrote him back and sent him my phone number. Today, after my first final, I come in to a blinking answering machine. The message was from Ben.

He called me from London, to ask if they could feature my site on BBC 4 TV! I was positively glowing with pleasure. Afterall, a little exposure in the British Isles couldn't hurt my site at all... Obviously, I was pleasantly pleased and agreed to send him a few files.

So it's Monday and it's already been a very interesting week for me. I wonder what Tuesday has in store...


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