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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Sleeping through class

I wish I could blame the calm, hushed tones of NPR. But I can't. I managed to go to sleep while I should've been getting my *ss to class. My busy day reduced me to a drowsy slumber. And I didn't wake until 6:00. "Fine," I thought, I can make it to class by 6:30. I did a quick check to see what the room number was and realized that class by 6:00, not 6:30! Stellar. Good planning, there.

So I find myself feverishly zooming towards campus, knowing that I can easily slink into the back of a crowded auditorium and nobody will be the wiser. Oh, but it's not so! I find a tiny, cramped room fit for about 25-30 students.

And they're facing towards the door. Yep. Terrible room layout. (And they're educators? Even I know to lessen student distraction by having them face away from the door! Come on!)

All just waiting to stare at me with cold, righteous stares as I trundle in loud and late. So I refuse to do it. I bite my lip and wait outside the door.

Break! They'll have a break, I realize. I can just slip in after half of the class is over and it will all work out.

So I do the math and figure that the class will have a break around 8:00. So that's what I'm waiting for, right now, for the class to let out for a bathroom break. I just hope I'm right!


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