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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Buy me some peanuts & crackerjack

Peanuts & crackerjack

I don't care if we ever go back. The Nationals lost big time to some out-of-town brewery. But Aaron and I were the *real* losers. The only beer that we could find in the entire ballpark was some domestic swill that must have been harvested from the sewers of Milwaukee. Yuck. And they served it in plastic bottles. One of our beer hawkers won big style points, however, when he showed off his battery powered bottle opener. It was great. Like some bionic Dilbert baseball bartender, the man served up two cold ones by industriously opening the can with his obviously homemade invention. Clever.

Wow. Randomness is great. I got an e-mail from Aaron. Would I like to go to a Nationals Game? Sure! I've never been to a baseball game... at least not that I can remember! It was fun. Very nice just relaxing, people-watching and snickering at the lameness of the sport. Too bad we arrived late I would've liked to have seen people try to sing the national anthem. (I like to make the sound of rockets and explosions during "the rockets red flare" part.)


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