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Friday, July 06, 2007

Mer's summer o' fun (TM)

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Our view from the top was kind of like this. We were near the top of RFK stadium. Mer, a pal from speakeasy, invited me to a Nats game last night. It was a blast. The Nats went up again the Chicago Cubs. The Nats so lost. But the people-watching was good and the company was great. We discussed all of the important issues of the day. Like boys. And food. And summer. And boys, too.

After we waved (and gang-signed) goodbye, I had a little adventure. Somehow, I managed to take the train on the wrong side of the platform. Then, when I realized my mistake, I got off at the Benning Street station. Yes, that's right, one of the sketchiest areas of town. So I exit the station, embark on a scary "find the ATM that hasn't been robbed and vandalized" hunt. I went to two gas stations without a working ATM. Strobing police lights put me in a daze. Stumbling toward gas station number three, I could detect the subtle scent of stink weed. Finally, I got my cash, flagged down a taxi and got home before I turned into a statistic.

Fun stuff!


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