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Tuesday, May 09, 2000

office thought

I work at an office downtown. From my window, I have a view of the filing cabinet. It's not that inspiring. At lunch, I sometimes prepare a picnic and eat on a bench overlooking the Mississippi River. That's crescent fresh.

Today at work, my boss called in sick. The Office of Policy and Research is very quiet without her. So I sit at my desk, doing my work, trying to stay awake. The library is too quiet without her.

My "grandboss," or my boss' boss, came in just now. He walked over to me, put his hand on my shoulder and asked earnestly, "Do you have business vitality?" I was glad to say, "Sure I do! And plenty of it."

He said, no, that's not what he wanted, and asked for an economic policy ranking. I was a little hurt, because I wanted him to know that I, too, was fairly bursting at the seams with business vitality. And if he couldn't see it, then he was blinded by its radiance. (Did he clap so that Tinkerbell would live again? I wonder.)

Last night, I had a thought before I fell asleep: I like vegetables more than biblical characters. I know, what, you are asking, does this have to do with the office? Well, it's vaguely related because I thought about this as I was shelving books today at work.

I like vegetables more than biblical characters. I don't know exactly what that statement means -- do I enjoy fresh vegetables more than those people did, or do I prefer them to people who died more than 2000 years ago? Both, more than likely. No doubt I would get along well with that Jesus fellow and that sassy seller of purple, but otherwise, I'd probably spend more time inspecting the plants at a biblical party than actually enjoying the loaves and fishes.

Speaking of the bible, I spoke with Patrick on the phone. Patrick's not a biblical character, but he sings about them sometimes. He's a canter. That means he's paid BIG BUCKS to sing in church choirs -- kind of a "have sung, will travel" thing. Patrick's music group, De Profundis, will perform an early music concert this evening and invited me to attend. It should be great, since I enjoy that sort of thing.


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