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Wednesday, April 11, 2001

no fear, skylarks and molassas

I saw two items of note this morning on my jog.

There was a tough 4x4 truck with a "NO FEAR" sticker on the front windshield. It was a rough-hewn black and had those mudflaps with naked women on them. The odd part was -- in the back, there was a little white picket fence just waiting to be daintily placed around a children's playhouse or something. It was such a stark contrast -- the "tough guy" who was soft enough to enjoy picket fences....

After that, I noticed two skylarks vying for territorial control. They did a little dance of agression and submission. No blood was drawn, but a whole lot of attitude was laid out.

Don't mess with me.

My energy level was terrible, however. I felt as if I were running through molasses. I half-way wanted to look behind me to make sure that no one was holding onto my ankles, slowing me down.

Such is the life of a moderately active runner.


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