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Wednesday, February 07, 2001

first week of February

February is coming along rather oddly.

The strangest thing happened the other day. I got an e-mail from the president of the LSU Young Republicans Club yesterday. He wrote:

"Jeffrey, this is a note to apologize and beg your forgiveness for clicking on your shower cam link. I'm now so incredibly ashamed and mortified at myself, that I decided to go back and look at the boxer gallery instead. Can you ever forgive me?"

For a member of the vast right-wing conspiracy, he's very sweet! We exchanged a few more messages and it turns out that he's a really great guy. His site is really impressive, as well.

I went to his site and found that, according to his journal, he's quite often being mistaken for being gay. But he's very gay-friendly, which is cool. I might invite him out for cafe au lait and

try to "convert" him -- from the right wing to the left wing. Wouldn't that be fun?

The other item on my life agenda this week is a new cast member. Andrew is somebody that contacted me while I was in DC. He and I have talked on the phone several times since I've been back. What a gem. I don't know when I've found someone more supportive, warm and sweet. Can't wait to learn more about him.

I am now hopelessly addicted to Queer as Folk, the new Showtime weekly drama about four late 20-something guys. The characters are likeable -- very believeable. I can see some of myself in most of them; maybe that's why I like the show so much.

Jim, my roommate, bought the original British version on DVD, so I'll check those out soon.

I saw Jimmy Fallon Sunday at the student union theater. His show was good. He did a lot of pirogue jokes -- understandable. They're very exotic to outsiders, I guess. (It's a little shallow swamp boat that's common in South Louisiana.)

Fallon managed to be very down-to-earth and likeable, even as he picked on people in the audience. But the entire time he was on stage there was a car alarm going off just outside of the theater. It was outrageously distracting. Almost as bad as when car alarms go off during class.

All in all, a good show. Well worth $5. My face ached from smiling so much.


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