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Thursday, January 18, 2001

houseguests and fresh bread

Just got back from my first class of my LAST SEMESTER in graduate school. How great is that? Only a few more weeks to go and I've got my MASTERS DEGREE. I will know how Bobo, the chimp felt. Then I get to go and find a job and work for the MAN all day. Maybe I'll even get a cubicle somewhere! Ooooh. Joy, thy name is gainful employment.

I'm in a lively mood. I just bought a whole mess of food -- $104 worth -- to prepare the house for my guests from London.

Cathy and I were in Japan together. She reminds me of Patsy from "Absolutely Fabulous" because she loves her G&Ts (only to be made with real Bombay Gin, darling). She also has a lot of fun and gets away with being a touch obnoxious because she's so smart and sassy.

She's bringing along a female friend that I don't know, but I look forward to meeting. Should be good fun.

Tomorrow, I'll show her Baton Rouge and Saturday and Sunday, we'll do New Orleans. Plenty to see and do there. I bet she'd love to go clubbing. I would. It's been WEEKS since I set foot into a disco. Going through withdrawal symptoms, really.

For breakkers tomorrow, I'm making cranberry spice wheat bread. I hope it turns out good. Otherwise, we're having eggs. That would be boring. Bread for breakfast rocks like a hooker on crack. And you can't go wrong with that for breakfast.

Hugs to all my homies,



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