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Sunday, December 10, 2000

avacado informant

I was doing some last-minute preparation for my Monday final exam yesterday at the coffeehouse.

Normally, I'm not what you'd call on the outgoing end of the spectrum. I'm a little more middle-of-the-road. Quite often I reside in the Greater Shytown area. But I was in a talkative mood yesterday, after having delved into the deep, dark secrets of abstracting and indexing. I had pored over the books, the readings, the lecture notes for hours. If my skin were severed, I would have bled pure knowledge -- such was my data saturation yesterday.

After many silent hours of reading and studying, I reached a point where I absolutely needed to talk to someone.

So I started a conversation up with a stranger at the next table. Normally, the faces that fill the cafe every day don't interest me at all. But the fellow sitting next to me was full of zest. He had a soft-spoken amiable way about him. Every few minutes, he would meet a friend or acquaintance as they passed by.

So I struck up a conversation and I learned about accounting and audit work. Jacob resembled a character from the new Showtime series, "Queer as Folk." He reminded me of Justin -- the wide-eyed, innocent newcomer to the scene.

Jacob turned out to be helpful when it came to a story I'm writing. It's set on the eve of the Kennedy assassination. He gave me some valuable avacado data that I required for the story. (I can't release that information at this time, I'm afraid.)

I tried vanilla in my cafe au lait today. It was so smooth and creamy. You know what? I've decided that Duane makes the best cafe au lait at that coffeeshop. Everyone else's is just not as good.

I wonder, though, if my preference for his creations somehow stems from the fact that he resembles Gavin? Duane has Gavin's beautiful mane of hair, intelligent grin and energetic spirit. They could be twins.

Okay. Maybe not twins. (Duane's overweight.) But they could be cousins, for certain.

Remember to turn your Christmas lights off when you leave the house, folks.



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