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Sunday, November 12, 2000

new job

Lori was sitting at the information desk and I was standing in front of it, next to the electronic exhibitions poster for Depictions of Slavery on Confederate currency.

"You know, Jeffrey, you're quite a hit here with the staff," she told me, grinning. My eyes widened and I acted a little coy.

"Oh? Why do you say that?"

"Well, everyone just seems to like you. Especially some of the women. You know, several of them asked me if I knew if you were single or not."

I had to laugh out loud at that.

"Wow. I guess some of the little old ladies on the staff need someone to liven up their cold and lonely nights," I joked.

"No, actually, these were younger women. Undergrads, actually."

I am floored.

"Well, obviously, their taste in men isn't what it should be! But you know, Lori, I'm completely and totally out. I just usually wait a week or so when I'm at a new job, so that I can test the waters a little bit. This is a great work environment for me, so feel free to tell anyone that asks about me. I generally try hard to be as out as possible."

She was glad, I think, to be able to share that little tidbit of information. I wondered which girls it could have been... Very curious. I'll make it a point to ponder on that one. Just who could it have been? I have no idea. I'm so blind sometimes.

I guess the cranberry-orange-peanut bread that I brought to share with the staff sort of cinched the deal -- since I did that, I've been very popular at my new job.

Oh -- did I even mention where I'm working? I'm at Hill Special Library at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge.

Beyond the whole "chicks wantin' to git wit me" thing, I've genuinely enjoyed my first week at the job and I think it will be a great resume booster. The page listed above is the one that I'll maintain for the library. It should be a great challenge for me, to keep everything in working order.


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