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Wednesday, November 01, 2000

new cam

I will do two things today. One is to help my vision. The other is to help YOUR vision. I will first get an eye exam and some new lenses for my glasses, then I will finally do a little charity work for the less fortunate and buy a cam for my viewers who so desperately need me in their lives. (No, I'm not full of myself. My cam fans have told me so.)

After all that is done with, I will go visit my friend Emily who is coming to New Orleans from Toronto. She's escaped the evil ice queens of the north to visit the Hospitality Queen of the South. I hope I can show her a good time. It shouldn't be too hard, since New Orleans is a pretty cool city to spend time in with friends.

I do miss that girl. The last time I saw her was about a year and a half ago, when I went to visit her in glam-challenged city of Cleveland. I found Emily to be most fab, even in the drabbest of surroundings. It reminded me of how much of a doll she is. She's so smart, funny and sweet and I appreciate her as a friend. We went to college together and formed a strong bond as we braved the itellectual wilds of the Northeast Louisiana University campus together. (We'd sometimes joke that we should go to the Baptist student union and complain of "gender identification problems" at one of their meetings. That would have freaked them out so badly, they wouldn't have known what to say. And as you probably know, a speechless Baptist is a very rare sight.)

From all of our Tom-foolery and good times, we soon grew to regard ourselves as WonderTwins. We had powers whenever we united. It was great to have somebody who's so different that really brings out your best qualities. Emily is that kind of person for me.

I can't wait to be the host with the most during her trip down here for the weekend. Should be great.

Wonder Twin powers activate!



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