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Saturday, September 30, 2000

revelations 1:28

Tonight I got an e-mail message that made me laugh and cry and go giddy with excitement all at once.

A member of my extended family came out to me. She told me about how difficult it was for her to come out to her mother. She explained the widening gulf that she feels with her siblings. She said it all without even having to, because I could guess most of it.

It's my family, too, afterall. I knew what it was like, the pain, isolation and quiet little anguish of knowing that I am completely different from everyone else in my family.

Until now.

Now I know that I'm not alone. And I will have an ally when the darkness looms during the dark days of Christmas and Thanksgiving when I'm surrounded by the great, foreign OTHERNESS that is my family. Now I know I can be there for her and she'll be there for me.

I nearly cried tonight as I talked with friends about this great new discovery.

This is a great way to start off year number 28 of my life. Something tells me that it will be an exciting one.

I wonder what other revelations will come to pass?

Let's tune in and find out.

Hugs from a queer cousin,



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