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Thursday, August 10, 2000


I put a little cornflower blue check with my "J-blend" autograph in a self-sealing envelope. The Wile E. Cayote and Road Runner stamp I bought last week seemed a great addition to the boring exterior of the envelope.

I mailed it off to the city food bank last week. After I'd sent in my charitable donation, I realized that I should have put a special request with my bequeath. (I mean, why not? Wealthy benefactors often do such things, so why not me?)

I should have made the donation contingent on the food bank only buying Hostess brand ding-dong chocolate cakes with my money. That might have made somebody's day a little brighter over there at the food bank. A homeless man would get a delightfully sweet snack along with his stale bread and over-cooked vegetables!

Everybody would have enjoyed that!

Or maybe not. That might have been a bit on the selfish side, now that I think about it.

When I wrote the title for this entry, I actually didn't have my recent donation in mind.

No. The "worthy cause" that I referred to is actually Mr. Potpies himself, Gavin MacLoud. He's a fellow journal writer who has recently hit a dry spell. So all of his readers have had to simply *do without* his glorious, insightful and delightfully quirky writing. So he enlisted the help of some of his online pals. I came to the rescue and sent him a little note this evening so that he'd have something to post on his page. It's like contributing a little square to a patchwork quilt. Sure, it's a small contribution, but it's part of a larger tapestry.

I hope he likes it. If he doesn't, I'll have to kill a whore.

Later, G!

J-blend. (This entry was typed without glasses, so please forgive any errata! Ta-ta!)


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