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Saturday, June 17, 2000

No breakfast for me

Right up front, I'll tell you this: This is a very low-yield journal entry. I just wanted to write something this morning. Very little of interest here. Go back. No trespassers. Yield to pedestrian writing. (Hmmm. Feels like I'm in a bad mood today.)

I don't feel like shaving so that I'll look decent enough to have breakkers out somewhere. So I plan to remain home, slightly skank, unshaven and slovenly, so that I may go without the personal maintenance today.

Today I have to finish a book -- an espionage novel by Jeffrey Archer -- before I do anything else. No. Scratch that. I might have a bagel first.

No! I musn't! Or I would violate the title of this journal entry. Bad Jeffrey!

I had book club last night, from 6:30 until 9. It was a blast. Seven people came, so I'm proud of that. We talked about a wonderful novel, _Ender's Game_ by Orson Scott Card. It's a great character-driven novel with good themes. The power of human empathy, manipulation, the importance of family -- these were all major points of the story. Give it a read, if you can. If you can't, then why are you bothering reading my diary? You freak!

I've become sort of addicted to my friend Gavin's diaries lately. He's a real potpie of a guy. He's a good read. [note: diary now offline because he fears your attention.]

Well, no breakfast for me this morning. I'm going to sail through into lunch without a care.

I am working on a journal entry about my time in Grand Isle, Louisiana. It was a beautiful place and I'm working on how exactly I shall explain the beauty of it to you, my gentle readers.

Off with you now, you bitch. It's time for me to do some work. Go ahead! You heard me. (Again: Bad mood today.)

oily today,



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