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Thursday, July 27, 2000

message from a university restroom

Somebody had written "EAR HER" is the toilet paper dispenser. Or rather, they had blackened out the appropriate letters of "TEAR HERE" so that the simple instructions were transformed into a vaguely erotic suggestion.

You can learn so much about people from their writing.

Another inscription, directly above the toilet, read, "Suck Cock." The second and third "C" were backwards, giving the words a heavy metal feel to them. (Do you remember how the 80s glam-metal bands would frequently invert a letter or figure to exhibit an air of casual contempt for the authority of spelling and the written word? Ah, those were the days -- such simple, symbolic ideological rebellion!)

This morning I arose early for my last day of summer semester. For breakfast, I quickly consumed leftover yellowtail sushi, honeydew melon and a glass of water. With the new kitchen, I find myself eating standing up a lot more than I used to. I'm not sure whether this is a purely time-saving function, or whether I'm simply too lazy to walk over to the dining room and eat there. Only time will tell.

I fear that I only have a little over a day to spend with my beloved, the one who brings me such joy. He lustfully pumps into me his passion for life. He warms and fulfills me.

He giveth and he giveth and he never taketh away. He fills my nights with song.

But soon, he will be taken away from me, to the great beyond. His transition into nothingness will not alter my memories of him or all that he has so generously shared with me. But it will certainly provide me with many sweet memories.

A circuit judge in Los Angeles said that he has to go Friday. His name is Napster.com and I love him very much.

-sad blend.


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