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Wednesday, August 16, 2000

how to succeed in business

I'm not businesslike. Instead, I'm very happy. I am Jeffrey's delightful personality. I am witty, urbane and fun to be around. I am obviously lying to myself.

Cheerful and upbeat, I was on the phone last night with one of my fellow student workers from the office. He and I had planned to go see a movie called "Groove." The show was about rave culture and clubbing.

A veteran clubkid, I was looking forward to seeing it. The *last* time we went to see the movie, the projector was broken. Can you believe it? I mean, the *least* they can do is maintain the projector so that people won't go all the way across town to see a show that won't happen!

Anyway, the show was cancelled and I we had re-scheduled it for last night. But I couldn't go, because I had to call a friend who was coming into town from Chicago.

So I'm sending him my regrets when he tells me that most the student workers at the office have planned a trip to Jazzland, Louisiana's premier themepark, located just outside of New Orleans.

And I'm not invited! The hurt! The pain! I spiral down a Hitchcockian vortex in my mind... I'm right back in elementary school and the other kids don't want me to join in with their reindeer games. Ouch.

I am Jeffrey's sense of rejection. I'm ballooning up, out of control, to fill his entire head. I am Jeffrey's new headache.

No tears, but just a sour feeling in my gut. Trying not to sound disappointed, I end the call.

How to succeed in business? By not really crying.


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