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Monday, September 11, 2000



Bring on the drugs. It's time to lose all sense of my body. My new glasses, as fabu as they may be, are giving me a painful headache. Yes, the old Vogue 3246 Brown glasses are a lovely sight to see, but my poor little brain is having trouble adjusting to the new vision that they're giving me.

Douglas and I went shopping for glasses (for me), coffee makers (for him) and dessert (for both of us). We got all that and more. I also bought an electric razor, since my skin has suffered enough at my own hand.

The dessert was nice -- we went to Albasha Greek/Lebanese -- I had some creamy and delightful tiramisu with some decaff coffee. Douglas had some Lebanese coffee, which was incredibly sweet and strong, that left a tar-like residue on the demitasse. It was a scary sight.

I got home in time to call Gavin briefly before bedtime.

I also set up a fountain in my bedroom window. It's small and cute. It reminds me of a little Shinto gate. That's apparently the whole point, since it's called the "Shinto" fountain. I'm glad that someone's aesthetic sense was so much like my own that they created such an adorable piece of artwork. Good fun will be had by all if these sort of trends continue. And the killings will end.

You have my promise on that.

Off to go to work.

Croutons and blue cheese,



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