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Friday, December 08, 2000

the journey

Busy week.

Did you ever have one of those got-a-new-job, book-the-plane-tickets, car-is-on-the-fritz, making-new-friends, meeting-old-ones, parting-with-other-friends, reevaluate-your-present-relationships, finish-final-exams sort of weeks?

Well, I have. And it was this one. Thank God it's Friday, because I honestly don't think that I can take any more surprises.

I am printing out one of my favorite pictures. It's http://www.geocities.com/jbrendon/bier.jpg and it always brings back fond memories of a little biergarden across from a church in a little town called Oberzay, Germany. I want to give it to a friend who loves Germany just as much as I do.

Today I want to get my eyes checked again so that I can straighten up my glasses before I leave for Washington D.C. Sunday. I got an internship at the Washington branch of the American Library Association. There, in the public affairs office, they have a desk waiting for me and a whole mountain of work on top of it.

I'm really excited, because I've never taken a month-long vacation anywhere -- let alone for business/professional reasons. This promises to be an entirely new realm of experience for me. I'm thrilled and anxious to get started.

I went to a goodbye party for my friend, Jane. She will leave today for Oregan. There's a long journey ahead of her -- I'd hate to have that drive. But, she's ready to go home, so maybe the excitement will help the hours pass.

My journey begins Sunday. And every second of the day. It's all one big journey, really. That's been a frequent metaphor in my life for years now. There's just no escaping it.



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