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Friday, June 15, 2001

cousin Beck in San Fran

This will be a quick entry.

I just said my goodbyes to Mom, Dad and my Aunt CC. They left for San Francisco an hour ago. It's their third trip there. Mom's giving a speech. Dad's going to see the sights. Aunt CC will visit her (les-bionic) daughter, Becky.

Becky told me she's bought them all tickets to see a gay cabaret that involves incredibly large hats worn by outrageous drag queens (as if there were any other *kind* of drag queen!).

Today, I plan to watch Cartoon Network (for my daily dose of Vitamin X-fortified PowerPuffs).

After graduating in May, I finally got my first employment "nibble" from George Mason University, located in Arlington, Virginia.

They're doing a reference check now. My ears aren't burning yet. But I hope that all my peeps give me a loud, proud "HIRE HIM" shout-out. That would be kickin' the sly groove.


Too much MTV and I start talking like a V-J. Sorry about that.

Time for cheese danish and chocolate milk for breakfast.

Eleven more days until I leave for DUBLIN, IRELAND!


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