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Friday, July 06, 2001


Here's a great Irish expression I learned:

'Olann an cat ciuin bainne leis. In English: 'The quiet cat also drinks milk.' It's a neat little expression. Found it on a sugar packet. Culture is everywhere!

Here's a few haiku about my experience in a country town last night:

Dim the lights.

Pull the curtains.

Sink the 8 ball last.

Closing time at the public house:

'Last call, ladies and gents!'


Three cars storm past me,

careening down the country lane:

Midnight rush-hour, as

the pub closes.


Walking the midnight road

through Glendalough

I startle two lovers

ducking behind the holly bush.


Moonrise over

Wicklow Mountain

casts such a milky glare

I nearly missed

the dappled colt

wrapped 'neath the sleeping mare.


A spotlight moon

rises over the valley wall.

Turning the key anti-clockwise

to enter my room:

The loudest, last boarder of all.


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