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Sunday, May 16, 2004

a readingful afternoon with Jefferson

Jefferson Airplane. Wasn't that a band from the 70s? I don't know. Was it Jefferson Spaceship? Maybe. Well, I have a friend named Jefferson who is neither an airplane nor a spaceship. But he has a good sense of humor and a kind heart. And he's a lawyer, so don't fuck with me, or he'll sue your ass so quick that you won't know the name of the hurricane that knocked your trailer for a spin.

But I'll know, 'cause it will have been Hurricane Jefferson, 'cause he's my lawyer, bitch!

So anyway, Jefferson and I had a pleasant brunch at Clarendon Grill today. Then we went shopping. Nothing called out to me. But it was a mildly entertaining consumer experience. Now I shall buckle down and get a-reading on my textbook. This is a sad comment, but I've found several typos in the first seven chapters. Let's hope that it gets better before the end. I shouldn't be bitter, but I am... I mean, the only book that deserves the named "Foundation" was Asimov's.

At least it's a pretty readable book... I don't have patience for books that aren't engaging and interesting anymore. But this is a pretty snooze-free zone with this one, luckily.

Nothing like the long, drawn out yawnfest that was The Known World.

This book had so many things going for it... It had fully developed characters and crisp, honest writing. The intricately developed psychological framework was there so that I really believed I was in the head of a black man (who was a former slave) who actually owned slaves himself. But it was just a long, drawn out story that didn't seem to go anywhere. And I even went to the book reading at the local library hungry to like the book. No such luck. The author was a little short with some of the audience's questions. And he was just a bit too flip with his responses. I mean, he wasn't out-and-out disrespectful, but he came close enough to piss me off.

I went ahead and got a copy since the author had won the PEN/Hemmingway award, a fellowship from NEA and a Pulitzer. So despite the fact that I now own two copies, I wasn't terribly impressed by the readability of the book.

//looks at clock with a guilty conscious// Hmmmm. I have now spent about half an hour not reading or studying, so I feel like I should get some work done. I will read a few chapters, then write some more.

All in all, a readingful afternoon....

Pax out.


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