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Thursday, June 03, 2004

neckin', kissin', makin' out

One of the nicest people at work is Dora. Here she is in a nutshell:

-Grey bouffant hairdo with a purple tint.
-Smiles at everybody in the hall.
-Bakes cookies and shares them with us.
-Calls me things like "honey-pie" and "sweety."

Dora's great... and so full of life. She's an elderly lady who works with a special education kid, Chris. (Chris is a huge handful and frankly more trouble than he's worth. I think he's gonna go Columnbine on us one day. Hope he passes up the library.

Anyway, Dora was talking about her time in Arkansas, where she grew up. When she was a young secretary at the governor's mansion, she worked with an infamous politician who had an eye for the ladies.

She said she got a picture of him later on in his career, when he came back to canvas for presidential votes. This is what I hear as I'm grabbing some water from the fridge this afternoon:

"Yeah, I've got a picture of me and him. I asked him what his favorite kind of pictures were and he said, 'you know, pictures of neckin', kissin', makin' out... that sort of thing."

I love non-sequitors that you hear in the teacher's lounge. They're the best kind. Who knew this shrivled up (but adorable) prune of a woman flirted with the frisky devil himself way back when?

Now I do. And so do you.

Go, Dora!


  • One wonder's what bits of gossip you will be dishing out later on? But then again is not the blog just one huge faculty lounge?

    Dish with the Prophets my child,
    Kai Jim

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at June 04, 2004 12:22 AM  

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