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Thursday, July 22, 2004

vampire Bill

True story -- Bill was an insomniac all his life. He hadn't really had a full night's sleep since he was a child. He just didn't need it. In fact, Bill's friends used to joke that he was a vampire because he'd stay up to all hours of the night. When he read the tales of the Vampire Lestat, he felt a strange simpatico with the character.

So he studied vampires more and more, until he became quite the expert. Eventually, Bill even started a vampire club. All the vamp pals would gather twice a week for sleepless fun until the dawn. All that changed, however, when his niece needed a kidney.

Bill donated one of his and when he woke up from the operation, the doctor told him he'd been asleep for three days straight. Impossible, Bill explained. I don't sleep. But he had. And from that day on, his body needed a good six or seven hours every night.

(Story overheard in the back of a shared taxicab during a pub crawl. I'd had four drinks at that point.)


  • It may be an urban, or considering some vamps, urbane, legend. But I do like the picture. The vamp not the kidney.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at July 22, 2004 4:33 PM  

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