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Monday, August 02, 2004

what a dump!

Farmer Accused of Dumping Manure on Gay Pride Parade to Plead Innocent

Greenbrier (AP) - A cattle farmer accused of dumping manure along the route of a gay pride parade in Conway says that he plans to plead innocent to a charge of misdemeanor harassment Monday.

35-year-old Wesley Bono of Greenbrier turned himself in when police issued a warrant for his arrest for the June incident.

He said that he plans to plead innocent because he was trying to make a point and express his right to protest. More than 6,000 pounds of manure was found the morning of the parade route. Bono said that the incident was not a hate crime or any
crime at all. If Bono is found guilty he faces community service or paying for clean up costs.

OK, even as a gay man, I had to laugh at this story.

Let's face it, folks, dumping poop is *always* funny. Even in Arkansas.

After I got a good laugh out of it, I had to shake my head in sad disbelief at the fact that somebody would spend all of that time and effort just to proclaim their ignorance.

I mean, let's face it: it's much easier to just jot down your philippic on a poster ("Queers are Morans!") or post it online ("Gay Sex is Ahorant!").

Maybe these are the best ways to express your vitriol.

Remember the old Marshall McLuhan line: "The medium is the message." If the religious right has to spell out its message in manure, then I think we can all gauge just how worthwhile and well thought-out the message is.

In the meantime, I will express my points not with manure, but with humor, reason, passion and the occasional love letter.

Oh – guess I should explain that last one.

"Love letter" is listed because I have a wonderful boyfriend who is an officer in the army, actively defending U.S. interests, despite the fact that his best interests are constantly under attack here at home. (The Federal Marriage Amendment and 6,000 pounds of manure come to mind!)

Frankly, I find it very odd that he's so loyal and patriotic to a country that continually treats him like so much manure! Guess Mr. Bono and I are just lucky to have such loyal gay patriots!

I guess the one silver lining here is this: The manure didn't really affect the Pride marchers or the audience rallying them that much. It only really resulted in a bunch of small town folks parking way far away from their church, then having to walk through the six thousand pounds of manure to get to church.

When they sat down, you know they all started giving each other that "What's that smell?" look....


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