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Monday, September 27, 2004

a run on latex gloves

JUVe Virus (Strain #375):

Finally, after much aural spit and polish, the new Margaret Atwood homage is online. The critics have been kind so far. I got a 4.5 star rating (out of 5). Why don't you give it a listen and a rating, too?

What is it? Well, it's just a little ditty about the end of Life As We Know It. My favorite part is the hardcore synth riff at the "conspiracy theories proliferated" measure. A good audio collage, I think. See if you can hear the sounds of people dying. You'll never guess where they came from. Creepy.

The genesis of the melody is from a piece I wrote in 97/98. I was teaching then. I went to a little school in the town of Fuki. There was a wooden Yamaha upright on the second floor. I remember grabbing the hall pass and the room key each week and going upstairs to the piano. The Yamaha had a dust cover and a very uncomfortable seat. But I loved it anyway.

I wrote the melody of the piece there. It's a testament to my incredible melodic memory that I remember it. (Yes, I can remember a melody from six years ago, but I can't find my shoes or remember a phone number. Jblend memory is screwy that way.

This big bad mutha is in C#, just to be quirky. It is a real stretch for the fingers. But, seriously, I've got MAD LOVE for that key. (Shout out to C#!)

"In the same week, there was a run on latex gloves" has got to be my favorite line. Atwood is such a genius in the details. Her work is just rife with glorious minutia. The flotsom of the everyday is interjected into extreme and obscene circumstances. Go, Ms. Atwood!

The whole thing seemed like a movie. Think of it like a love song to an epidemic -- a poem to mass contagia.


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