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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Art at sushi tasting

Art at sushi tasting

Tastefully done, this gi-ganto calligraphy adorned the front of the conference room. It's Japanese for "Sushi."

I was shocked at how poorly the calligrapher sang. She warbled like a rusty saw and seemed to beat her chest, a la Whitney Houston. This is, needless to say, very unJapaneselike behavior. And the demonstration of her calligraphy was the moment when I actually realized that she was Japanese. I wonder if the American Idol TV show bug had caught her? Maybe she just wanted to put the "scare" into scary-oke. She certainly did!

Later on while she walked around the room, I noticed that she had battery powered jewelry. I immediately grew to like her, since I'm considering purchasing some electronic accessories, myself. Now that is some Bling Bling, indeed!


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