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Sunday, March 20, 2005

hues and views

Three weeks ago, I learned that New York can be easily and thoroughly transformed into a pulsating organ of pleasure and color. How? Simple! Through the power of pharmaceuticals, by golly!

A trip to Central Park was in order. I needed to get out of the super-heated hotel room. (I swear, there must've been a plasma leak in the Jeffries Tube near our quarters – that room was meltdown hot.)

Once at the park, the powerful meds made the gray cityscape orange and breezy. I floated through the crowded streets on a cloud of chemicals. Henry was there for the ride. I even took a few of my own pics to share.

What a ride it was! I saw giant orange curtains that blew in the chilly breeze, causing New Yorkers to (get this) interact with one another. The cheerful saffron colored fabric lilted and swayed in the light winter breeze. Boldly, cheerfully, the sheets of orange provided a dramatic backdrop to the skeletal trees. Bright white snow reflected the peek-a-boo sun up for highlights. Grayer than gray giants, stone robots in a row, eyed us jealously from above the treetops. Their postures seemed to pose a query: "What did you do to deserve such delectable, colorific hues?"

The playfully swinging, pleated fabric just begged to be hit with the outreached hand. It fairly begged to be touched with a hop, skip, jump and high-five. And I did, despite the meds. It rewarded me with a luscious, touchable fabric that belied its completely chemical birth. Children of Nylon and Vinyl. And the meds probably made me want to touch the flowing panels more... Like a strange attractor, the chemicals in me longed to touch the chemicals in this oddly organic, strangely sensual fabric. It felt like touching the color of sunrise. Like kissing the first blush of an atom bomb. Like sniffing the saffron robes of a Buddhist monk at Chiang Mai.

This tripped-out entry sponsored by:

Thank you, pharmaceuticals, for making my life better!


  • But how do external viewers differentiate between medicated jblend and normal jblend?

    Inquiring minds and perhaps even inquiring mimes want to know.

    By Blogger Anachronus, at March 20, 2005 1:07 PM  

  • Who knows? Only Kifflom can tell the difference. I suspect even he has trouble telling, sometimes! (Praise Kiff!)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at March 20, 2005 1:13 PM  

  • I wonder how the gates connects back to Kifflom? Could someone comment on this????

    By Anonymous Dee, at March 20, 2005 1:14 PM  

  • Kifflom pops up *everywhere* these days. But wat about San Andreas? Where do we look there? Inqiring Mimes want to know! (LOL)

    By Anonymous All * Playa, at March 20, 2005 1:17 PM  

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