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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

tooth and car disease? nope... worse!

Yes, my teeth and I are reveling in that "just cleaned" freshness that only a visit to the dentist can provide. Yes, I had a delightful chat with the Asian hygenist who has a gentle touch and a friendly manner. Yes, I am fortunate to be sipping on a steaming cup of mocha this morning. Life could be worse. But the inconvenience that has visited me today was a dead car battery. I tried to start my car after my 7 a.m. dental appointment, but it only coughed and puttered like a hobo just before he loses consciousness on a sewer grate. Great.

A quick call to the roadside service got me a free visit from Big Daddy's Towing with the necessary jumper cable capability, set to arrive "within the hour." I wonder if I should address the driver as big daddy. I think I will try to address him as Big Daddy without smiling. That will be my big challenge of the day.

Goodya's hot cafe mocha is mostly cafe with just a tiny taste of mocha. She is a beautiful Polish girl with a delicious accent. When she noticed that I wasn't sipping my drink, she made sure that it was OK. "You djust tell mee eef eet's not goood, OK?" Such charming and genuine customer service! I adore it. And Stella's cafe is almost completely empty this morning. A solitary businessman sits, checking his e-mail. The soulful jazz hovers in the fireplace-warmed air. I read George Dubya's lips as he peers into the camera, his words scrolling above, in a staccato scrall.

Goodya did a great job with the drink. I only noticed it after I let it cool off for a few minutes.

Henrykins was in a very good mood last night. He's been so consumed lately by his work drama. I intend to write a very sternly worded e-mail to his boss after he leaves, citing his current actions in my lawsuit for "needless pain and suffering" on my part. I'm so glad that I'm not a part of that high stakes, high stress empire of business. It's such a needlessly impersonal world. Not for me.

Postscript: shortly after I wrote these words, I came across one of the most haunting images that I've ever encountered. With all of the pain and suffering that we see today, I think it's important to realize that some images truly tear at the fabric of reality and show us what Evil really is. Scroll down, but first realize: once you have seen the Hasselhoff Recursion, you will never view reality in the same way again.

Indeed, once you have rinsed the bloodstained tears from your eyes, you may have to question your own sanity. So proceed at your own risk.

The creator of this site takes no responsibility for post Hasselhoff traumatic stress disorder.

Warning: has been found to cause cancer in laboratory mice.

Scroll down at your own risk. . .







I did not suffer from tooth disease today. And my car can be repaired, or "jumped" as the boys at Big Daddy's will no doubt call it. But I will never be the same. The world will never seem the same. My cafe mocha will never taste the same... after I've seen the Hasselhoff Recursion.

May God bless have mercy on all our souls.


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