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Sunday, October 31, 2004

love from Florida

So I decided to get in with the Democracy-to-go crowd and get myself down to Florida.

And you know what? I can feel it... I feel amazing energy and love right here in Miami. It reminds me of San Andreas on Oct. 17th, 1989... Mad, mad love. The past few days have been a blur. It's been as bright and colorful as those old postcards. You know, the ones that have a glimpse of a place in each box letter?

When I breezed in Friday night, sharing the jetblue plane with MacNeil of the PBS MacNeil-Lehrer News Hour, I was giggling and swapping breath strips with a fun young Mary-Kate and Ashley aged duo (circa that last great season of Full House) named Chelsea and Sydney. Chel and Syd, as they called themselves, were 7- and 11-year old sisters who could not disagree more politically. This little pair were diametrically opposed and wore their opinions on their chests. Chel had a cute little "Kids for Kerry" button, with "Kids" playfully written in faux crayon style. And little Syd had a cute little "Hitler Youth for Bush" or some such nonsense. Well, despite this obvious mistake, they were adorable youngins.

After a serious political discussion (or at least as serious as you can get with a 7-year-old), we agreed to disagree. Then we tried to play the "pick the real woman" in a group of crazy drag queens on Gameshow Network's insanely lameshow gameshow, Dog Eat Dog. When the hostess asked, "And will the *real* woman please step forward," I gasped and admitted defeat. The campy opera star was actually a real woman.

Laughing at the sassy opera diva, Chel and I were agreeing to disagree: I haven't been doing that much here in Florida. T Todd is at the top of his game and I've been feeding off that frenetic and hyper energy. This is most definitely not a game. The stakes are real and there's a nation, atmosphere, water supply, marital rights and common sense at stake. And those are all good reasons to be players in the middle of the struggle here in Florida.

"Hurry up -- we've got a country to save." That's the first thing I shouted out when I jumped into Todd's rented Kerry/Edwards van at the airport. We squealed out of that place, too. The rearview mirror was all stern faces of airport security.

Glad we didn't hit that pedestrian at the airport: I think he was a security guard. And those drunken folks who ambled across the dimly lit Collins Street almost got hit, too. But Todd saw them in time. Crazy T Todd. What matters is that they probably hadn't voted yet, so an unfortunate hospital stay for them could've cost valuable votes for us! (Don't mean to sound cold, but remember: eyes on the prize, people....)

As I type these words, I realize that I need to recharge and rehydrate. So let me leave the keyboard and jump into re-energize mode with Todd, so that I can reach that prize better, wresting control of our country from the evil overlords that have overtaken it.


p.s. Love to Henrykins who drove nearly five hours just to give me his support and sweet, sweet love! Kifflom be praised!


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