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Saturday, October 23, 2004


Life is good. And, as usual, I have Henry to thank for that. Henry got Will, Todd and the eternally grumpy roommate, David, to plan a party for me. It was not a surprise party -- except in its initial stage, when they were arranging it.

Sadly, the memory is not that generous when it comes to wild drinking and dancing parties. I didn't have enough food in my stomach to coat against the forgetful juice that I drank down. I have cheerful memories, but nothing that really jumps out.

It was at the relaxed but stylish Local 16, at Todd's request. It was a good choice. I think this review sums it up nicely.
The owners of hip hangouts Eighteenth Street Lounge and Red bring Local 16 to the U Street hood, although local is relative: this is no regular neighbourhood pub. It’s got the sultry red walls and glittering chandeliers of a Parisian bordello and a drinks list that would shame the hippest style bar, including about a dozen fruity martinis made with freshly squeezed watermelon and mango. For all its style quotient though (and those sexy drinks) it is still as laid back and friendly as a local though, those red walls and chandeliers giving it a warm curiosity shop feel, a real gem. Make it your local. "

I parked my car and got there just a few rainy minutes before the start time. A friendly Mexican traveller from Chihuahua stopped me and asked directions to the nearest shelter where he could sleep. I rattled off directions in my best Spanish and gave him enough money for dinner. It was a good reminder for me to be thankful for everything I have and all the friends that I have who were about to come and see me. I left my car smiling that I'd helped someone that night. Soon, we met up on the rooftop terrace. The night's drizzle had stopped.

After a few whiskey sours, I was properly relaxed and making sure everybody had a fun party.

It was a nice mix of new and old friends from various circles. Only a few had met previously. It made for a nice mix of folks.

Here's a little slideshow and album of the fun.


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