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Thursday, April 07, 2005

the 'rents

Mom and Dad dropped in for a weekend of cherry blossom cheer. We started out running errands, buying wires from a downtown Radio Shack. They joined me for this little bit of official business. Then, we retired for a drink or three at Mackey's Irish Pub on L Street. The place had recently blown up. Literally.

Former roomie Howie, who schleps drinks around at the pub, said that a big water main burst the other day right in the middle of the lunch rush hour. Folks ended up with extremely watered-down drinks and sopping wet shoes and socks. Luckily, Howie wasn't there, or he might've had a laughing fit.

The 'rents approved of the place, agreeing that it was as Irish as any pub we'd seen in Ireland. I just like the comfy seats and fast service. I'll have to try the fish & chips sometime.


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