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Friday, September 30, 2005


Josh does great work. He's a graphic designer. He and his bf, Ben, spent a fun Friday evening together at the Arts Club with Henry and me. We listened to a lovely soprano and shared a wonderful meal together outside on the patio.

Ben is from Louisiana, so we had a lot to chat about. He has a friendly cajun way about him -- even if he's a little on the quiet side. (Maybe that's because we had just met.) Henry had met the pair at a fundraiser for our pal, Adam.

Ben and I commiserated over the plight of those poor New Orleanians. That was a few weeks ago.

Little did we know that Rita would strike his family home, in Iberia Parish. We sipped cocktails and laughed, not knowing what was around the bend. (It was all wine and circuses before a great tragedy... there's something very decadent about that.)

Now, much of his family is homeless. His elderly parents are being denied medical care because it's "too expensive" and the u.s. treasury (which is running low) cannot help them during this perilous time.

That's why Josh came up with making a t-shirt to help raise funds for the small community where his parents live. Can you imagine what it must be like? He's thinking up ways to generate money so that his parents can survive.

Please buy one of these t-shirts. As Ben says,
You wear this, women will want you, and men will want to be you. Or the other way around, depending on your predilections."


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