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Thursday, August 18, 2005

libraries are so gay

Go, Sweden! First off, I loved the whole Ikea idea. I'm a big fan. And my Volvo is purring like a kitten. So you didn't really have to do anything special for me... but I'm glad ya did!

Sweden managed to do one-up itself by having a library that lends out gay people. Yes, that's right. Next time you visit the ol' library, you can check out a stack of best-sellers, a few CDs, a movie, and now you can even borrow a gay. Nope, not a book about gays. You can borrow a human being.

The Malmo Library, decided to do something a little bit different. It's just their way of combatting prejudice and putting it in the center of the community -- and that's a great service to their public. Sure, you can check out a Gypsy or an Imam, but why would you bother with one of those when you can have a gay? I know I can't wait to visit Sweden so that I can check out one of the gays. And now I won't even have to go to a bar!

So you go, you crazy Stadsbiblioteket!

(Interview with librarian.)


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