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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

dadaist entry

Weep at everything. Challenge the Scorpio coffee. Drink it up.

Automatically, it is philosophy: dadaism. A story. Clear as kerosene! Half as bitter. Part of my glorious, multi-colored, waking sleep.

Peanuts? Am I part of the yeastless all-knowing embrace?

No. I embrace conflict, life-changing chocolate and all the sooth-sayers.

Why? Simple. Simply put, I am unadulterated. I slip and slide. Galaxy class. I welcome the conflict during the downtown photocopy strikes. The strikers? They, more than anyone, paused to experience the next doorway. (And the nest and the nest....) Got to admire that.

I never had an ounce of courage. Never an ounce of shame. Never an ounce to smoke. Me, smeared gently with Kifflom? With God? No. I warm my bed mercilessly. Stealthily. Clear as kerosene. Half as bitter.


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