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Sunday, August 06, 2006

sail away (^3)

David took me on his 36-foot sailboat on a sunny Sunday afternoon. I met his friend, Eddie, a handsome russian Jewish guy who had really dark, tan skin. (David and I cursed our heritage, which gave us the delicate, fair skin of the landed gentry! Oh, to be blessed with the ruddy complexion of the other caste -- what a joy that must be while outside braving the elements!)
We launched from a yacht club near here and had a great 4 hours on the bay. We passed this cute little scenic lighthouse called Thomas Point Shoal.

The wind was light at just a few knots and we sailed with most of the tell-tales fluttering in the breeze. David taught me a few sailor's knots and I was happy to practice them when we docked. This was my first time crewing on a boat and I had a blast. To be honest, I thought it would be a whole lot of hard work. Those deck hands on the Melville's Peaquod had a really rough time of it. But I had just a few simple jobs. Chiefly, I was the ship's comedy relief. Kept the crew smiling. Made sure everybody was having a good time.

Was it scary? Nope, although I honestly thought that I might be thrown off a few times when we hit some wakes of passing ships. Somehow, though, I managed to stay onboard. What a relief!

All in all, a fun little afternoon in the sun. Thanks, Dave!


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