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Thursday, January 03, 2002

goodbye, 2001

The new year started off strangely.

On Jan. 31st, I just assumed that Steven and I were going to spend some time together. I was right. He called up and offered to take me to the store.

The massive grocery store in Greenbelt awaited us. And so did the crowds. Steven had some last-minute shopping for his post-New Year's homeland potluck soiree brunch. The lines were 8 and 9 people long. Good thing we went together, or else it would've felt like forever.

We went back to his place and he took care of some cleaning. I helped out, doing some light housework, while I did my laundry.

I mentioned to him that I didn't have any plans for the evening and I didn't really feel like spending New Year's Eve alone in a far-off city with no friends to be with. But he shrugged it off and said that he wanted some time alone with his friend who was in from out of town.

So I was without a date.

After Steven's "let's just be friends" speech, I figured that the friendly thing for him to do was invite me out for the evening. I guess he thought otherwise.

I just spent the evening making pasta romano with cheese. It turned out really well. And there was a little red wine left over from the night before. Thank goodness Emily gave me a call, otherwise, it would've just been me and Dick Clark on TV.


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