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Sunday, March 02, 2003


Okay, let's face it. People love me. I got a great, big compliment the other day from a co-worker, Debra.

It seems that ol' Debra (I call her that b/c she *is* ancient) got a request from some woman. (We'll call her "Shaneekwa Bohbeekwa Conchita Maria Lopez" just for the sake of exposition.)

Anywho, Shaneekwa Bohbeekwa Conchita Maria Lopez asked Debra if her darling high school freshmen daughters, Lerleen and Shirley Bohbeekwa Conchita Maria Lopez, could "shadow" somebody at the library for a school project.

Now, when I heard the word "shadow," I immediately thought that the girls would be stalking somebody without their knowledge or prior consent. But it turns out that the girls have to "shadow" somebody with their full, explicit, written consent. Debra realized that I would be the "most interesting person" at the library to follow around all day.

And they chose me.


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