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Sunday, February 05, 2006

blissed out

Thank you, Gleetchplug, for your wonderful new software. It is one of the most relaxing works of art I've ever laid ears on. The wonderful Italians over at Gleetchplug have put together a meditative music and ambient sounds generator, called 0M. How wonderful. And how deliciously relaxing. Oh -- and the graphic design is just pitch perfect, as well. Sweet.

Another big thank you, Enigma co-founder Jens Gad, for creating this beautiful CD. Who knew that Scandanavian folktales and fables could be so gorgeous! The vocals are just perfect and the orchestrations are creative and constantly evolving. Nice job. Right now, I'm all about the journey through the Nine Worlds.

With music like this in my life... and my new personalized yoga podcast with cutie-pie Chaz, I'm not just following my bliss, I'm all up in that mother. *Sigh* Thanks, Chaz, for helping me get in touch with my inner downward-facing dog. Seriously, though, I'm absolutely loving all the stretching and toning. And breathing and downward-dog styling. Thanks, Chaz. You are amazing. Note: Please consult with a physician before listening to my music or starting this or any other fitness program.


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