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Thursday, September 28, 2006


What a luxury this is. Sprawled out in a big, comfy leather chair, I sip on raspberry iced tea and relax into a late afternoon attack of slothfulness. The chatter around me is multi-lingual at the coffee shop today. It is a regular tower of babble. Arabic, Spanish, French and Japanese. I spent half an hour listening in on a Japanese couple. They were planning their next vacation and discussing the merits of thin crust pizza. I grinned and recalled more Japanese than I expected. It is nice to be surprised by how much I can still really comprehend. The afternoon is not entirely wasted. I got some reading in and managed to eat supper early. Tonight is a worknight. Luckily, it’s one of only two this year. The next one falls right after my birthday.

But enough about my work life. I should talk about my personal life. I yelled at H the other day and I felt really bad afterward. I was a jerk because I'd had a long day and I didn't feel like talking. Did I just back off and ask for some time alone? No. I snapped and hurt his feelings. I didn't say anything that I regret, but I took a really bad tone with him and should not have. I'm bigger than that, after all.

On a happier note, the new job is working out well. Despite the half-hour morning commute (and only 20 minutes homeward bound), it is a great place. The people are friendly. My assistant rocks like a cheerleader (b/c she was one before she got knocked up in college!). I love that she's really enthusiastic and a go-getter. And she absolutely loves talking to people. All good things. Oh, and she uses the words "fabulous" and "daahling" a lot, even before I got there. So I won't have to train her to do that.

Mom and Dad are off to see Greece. I'm so happy for them, although I wish I could've tagged along to see all of that. Maybe they'll bring back some good olives or something edible.


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