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Tuesday, January 15, 2002

glad to be human

Tapped into the vast reserves of the collection's CDs today. My first snatch was "Maroon" by the Bare Naked Ladies. Not bad. I've decided that I'll keep this CD on my heavy rotation playlist at my desk.

Thank God my boss likes music, too. I can have a little background noise at the office, which will help matters immensely.

I love the fact that I get paid to play with stuffed animals, cut out paper snowflakes and talk with kids about books. It's a great fit for me.

This weekend, more apartment-hunting. I might make a few calls and set up an auto viewing, too. We'll see.

Not much happening with the ol' social life. I'm just keepin' things simple. No entanglements. Just friendly visits with new pals.

This morning on the metro, I was listening to the oft repeated phrase, "Please stand clear of the doors." I thought that I could use that as a mantra, if I only change the words to "Please stand clear of J'adores." It might be a good policy for me to take until I get over a few of my present feelings.

Super-helpful Nate helped me last weekend, carting me around so I could see some places for rent. He was a great traveling companion and very helpful. As you might expect from an aerobics instructor, he was incredibly energetic. And as you might expect from an actuary, his mathematical skills were impeccable. Nate has a luminous set of blue eyes that are somehow very comforting to me. While I normally don't feel this comfortable around strangers, I believe that Nate has achieved "insta-friend" status. We'll see what develops there.

Meanwhile, The Last Baron has offered to help me look for apartments this weekend. Can't wait to meet him. It's so wonderful when people are this helpful. Makes me glad to be human.


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