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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

KInki living

"It'll be great," I assured him. The guy was about to be a dearly departed. His name was Jon. An avid hiker, mountain climber and outdoorsman, he was about to leave for Japan to live there for a year.

He told me he was headed for the Kinki area, where I used to be stationed. "You will love Kinki living," I told him, with just a hint of a sly grin. "Seriously... there's so much culture there! You're just a few hours away from Kyoto and Nara. You can go mountain climbing and hiking there!"

Little did I know that some of the beautiful forested mountains of Nara would soon be turning into brown slush and careening down the slopes like a pack of brocolli skiers! Hope Jon wasn't planning on climbing up this mountain anytime soon.

It was still a great reception. I love to feel like the wise, confident and nurturing type around these soon-to-be world travelers. Optimism is so infectious. And they really have a bright light in their eyes, heart and spirit. I remember being that feeling quite well. I miss those days.


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