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Wednesday, March 06, 2002

god's eternal truths

Just found a book that brought me great joy. Had to stop and smile. That was especially nice, considering I've worked from 11 am to 9 pm today. That's a wee bit of a long day.

The title: "Tell me the truth: God's eternal truths for families." I guess the title of the book wasn't what made me laugh, actually. It's where it was *shelved.* I thought it was in the wrong stack at first, then I saw the call number -- it was in the fiction area. Then, I realized that Yep, it *is* in the right area. God's eternal truths for families are basically fiction. How poetic is that?

The book is so 700 club that I could just vomit. After each little over-the-top section, there's a saccharine little lesson of love and hope with the words "God said it. I believe it." This is followed by a signature line for parent and child, so as to document this in a contractual agreement. What propaganda! I think Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell must have ghost-written this sucker, 'cause it's just that camp.

The gold-etched hardcover edition is too tacky for words. *Sigh*

Thank GOD for this book. It takes me back to my youthful days of making fun of religion. Ahhhhh.

It makes this Gen-Xer so happy to scoff again!


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