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Friday, August 27, 2004


Funniest conversation I overheard about Charley – between a 73-year-old, Dolores, with a candycane tank top and tootsie roll brown shorts and Barbara, her 60-ish neighbor.

"Down the road, the Methodist church lost all its pews. They're scattered like matchsticks on a smoker's floor."

"Hmp. 'Sthat right?"

"Yep. The pastor's missing, too."

"Did he blow away?"

"Naw. He's too big to blow away. But I'll be a Baptist on Sunday."

"Oh, good. We'll see you there, with cookies and lemonade."

"Well, I'll miss the grape juice. We usually have grape juice, you know."

"I 'spect the grape juice blew away, too. Along with the pews."



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