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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

BsG meets the Simpsons

Who knew that somebody would combine two of my favorite TV shows? That talented Dylan guy, over there at live journal, has made a wonderful mockery of some of our favorite characters. He had created this Six & Baltar sketch back during season one. Just recently, he's added to his drawings and now he has the entire cast.

My favorite has to be the wonderful addition of Dualla. She's so great. I love how she's got our boys on leashes.

I approve.

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

the possibility of a dual universe... and the existence of pink blenders

"Why did god create a dual universe?

So he might say,

'Be not like me. I am alone.'

And it might be heard."

These lines have a familiar ring though I've no clue why or where I've heard them before. They bring to mind the implausible but undeniably possible existence of the perfect kitchen appliance.

I am speaking, of course, of the pink blender. Yes, the perfect flamingo pink blender. And I am sitting here at buzz, gulping down wi-fi, euro-style coffee and bright ikea color, no longer having to imagine the impossible. Because the impossible has arrived. Like the possibility of a dual universe, the existence of a pink blender is a beautiful thing. And it is here.

With stealth and grace, I steal glimpses of it out the corner of my eye. I peek at it. Wink at it. Flirt with it. It's just beyond the plump lady with the hair pick and the attitude. (I would have attitude, too, if I worked with kitchenware like that!)

Just pause a moment to think about how sassy and full of impish pride you would be, to serve alongside something as beautiful -- as gorgeous as this.

Does anybody notice my greedy, lusty looks? Do the children pick up on the wild smiles? Will the little 3-year-old figure out that the guy tucked away in the corner of the shop has unnatural thoughts about a piece of glass, plastic and stainless steel? Who can say? All I know is that, if he stumbles this way, I will tell him, "Be not like me. I am alone."