daily preciousness

Thursday, August 02, 2007

this can't end well.

Yep, we've all had moments like this. Ouch. Normally, this happens to me verbally. I open up my piehole and blabber on and on about something, only to realize that I've just completely said the wrong thing. Stand-up comics at least have the dignity of a spotlight and a microphone. And quite often, they have a classy brick wall background. But when I'm standing there and somebody's face is contorting into complete rage over something I said, I have just left my airborne bike and I'm heading for the pavement!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Mmm, Girl! Tia knows how to get what she wants.

And she had to get her hands on some of them fabulous shoes. Problem was... she didn't have the money for it. Well, Tia just did what any good consumer would do. She EARNED her money so she could get some shoes. How? Various methods. You go, Tia. You remind me of the traits that are so characteristic of our culture: dogged determination, shrewdness, craftiness and greed!

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OMG. Let's get some shoes.